AMAT is a society based out of Panchkula that work towards serving the deprived section with various learning programs. With loads of love, care and a belief that learning goes beyond classrooms, Amita Marwah began this society, Amita Marwah Activity Team.

There is a team of Taekwondo coach, Arts & Crafts teacher and Dancing Coach who looks after the children and make sure that none is left behind in the class of learning. At AMAT, there is a room for everyone to learn and grow with proud.

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About Amita Marwah

The President of AMAT (Amita Marwah Activity Team) India, Amita Marwah is a remarkable story of a philanthropist who had the audacity to live by her courageous dream. She is a living statement of an honoured educationist, a farsighted idealist, a motivating spirit and an ardent philanthropist.
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Your engagement and involvement makes us stand out. Sponsor a child and help them follow their dreams with great courage and to be what they want to be. You can also be an Intern with AMAT. Find out more about how can you help or be a part of AMAT.
We have regular classes going on for Martial Arts including Taekwondo, Arts & Crafts and Dancing. Amita Marwah personally train children who have keen interest in Taekwondo with soul contentment and a will to do good. When there is a will to learn, the place and the surroundings doesn't really matter. Children at AMAT practice daily with a desire to do justice to the opportunity given to them. By motivational lectures and sharing a few words of past experience, the teachers at AMAT imbibe a spirit of incitement in them that makes them strive for excellence in whatever field they choose.

Spread a word[A word worth millions!]

If you know someone who should be a part of AMAT and needs a platform to excel in a field but lack resources and facing financial crises, spread a word and let them know about us. With a little knowledge, you are contributing towards the future of a child.

AMAT - The Healing Touch

AMAT came to existence to discover humanity amongst all. We connect from soul to soul. Our motive is to make our society realize that we all are different and we all need love we must rise above all the differences and share love with pride amongst each other.

At AMAT, we set aside our individual differences and re-unite for a cause. We not just work together but celebrate oneness of humanity. All members of Amita Marwah Activity Team works religiously towards integrating the downtrodden with the rest and make them one to stand together.

With basic and advanced Taekwondo training, Arts & Crafts teaching and dancing classes, AMAT help these children to contribute their learning in being efficient members of the society.

We Work with Passion

AMAT focuses on amplifying the potential of every child that would drive a change for future. We leave no stone unturned when we talk about a child's learning process. We believe in empowering the grassroots of the child. Benefitting more than 100 of students every year, we wish to endow every individual at AMAT to make them capable of earning their bread and butter. Teaching them the lesson of self-independence, we wish to help them evolve as a great citizen in the society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to find the lowest rung of people including vendors, porters, sweepers, rickshaw pullers, small labourers, hawkers etc. and educate them about leading a life they desire, by training their children. By sending their children to us, they are empowering them to lead a great life.

Our aim is to transform the lives of these children and imbibe in them the teaching of extra-curricular activities and instilling the knowledge of human values in them.

AMAT Core Members

Dedicated Team

As a team, all the members believe in the act of giving and that is the biggest reason we all are together working towards one goal.


Amita Marwah


The President of AMAT (Amita Marwah Activity Team) India, Amita Marwah is a remarkable story of a philanthropist who had the audacity to live by her courageous dream.

She is a living statement of an honoured educationist, a farsighted idealist, a motivating spirit and an ardent philanthropist.


Vishal Sharma

Vice President

Best known as a Dream Interpreter, a healer and a Football coach, Vishal has committed himself to AMAT from 2011 itself. He began his journey from a spiritual ground and put his greatest efforts to connect with the souls of the deprived.

He is Social Worker and also an artist that depicts the connection of pure souls. In his teachings, he always tries to depart knowledge of spirituality along with his exquisite skills.


Himanshi Marwah

General Secretory

A young and talented teenager imparting knowledge to hundreds. 7 International medals and in all 30 medals in Martial Arts always motivated her to thrive for more. With her skills acquired by her mother and the will to do good, she believes in learning and delivering the same to the downtrodden.

Over the years, she has been playing an instrumental role in facilitating many activities at AMAT.


Amit Bansal

Activity Head

The decision maker of the activities conducted at AMAT, he is firm and a man with determination in his eyes. The multi-talented man works with efficiency and has been the major hand behind the success of our website.


P chand Marwah

Administration Head

The backbone of AMAT who handles all the finances and has a heart of gold. He is known for the soul he puts in his work, a social worker from heart and an encouraging spirit.


Navdeep Kakar

Joint Secretary

The mixture of passion and devotion, he manages the matters of the society and makes the functioning flow smoothly. Ever-ready to help anyone in need, a power packed man with dedication.


Sanjeev Kumar

Executive Member

He has possessed rich knowledge of dancing, healing and stand apart for his acting skills. All programs are conducted and managed flawlessly under him.


Ishani Marwah

Executive Member

A young girl with a Passionate heart, who teaches Kathak Dance and Martial Arts to the underprivileged, she is the energetic one in the room, her determination makes her stand out.

Our Principles

AMAT always works towards the betterment of the deprived society and provide them a platform to unite for a good cause. We ensure that every individual who join hands with AMAT sets all the differences aside and walk on the roads of oneness.

AMAT never asks for a donation amount. We always connect the sponsors to the sponsored teams or individuals to do just with the deserving candidates.

We believe that TRUST is important for every relationship and this is a bond of humanity and AMAT is undoubtedly a keeper. We feel privileged to 'give' and every individual at AMAT has the same philosophy in their mind which makes it easier for all of us to walk towards our goal.

Our Vision

Presently, AMAT is working for 10 slum areas of Chandigarh. AMAT wishes to reach a higher population by imparting knowledge and offering opportunities to the various deprived section of the society. We dream to bring more Philanthropists to our team to ensure no deserving individual is left behind.


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