Amita Marwah – A Martial Art Expert Who Changed the World of Slum Dwellers into Something worth International Recognition.

Often we tend to see women be honouring kitchen and just maintaining the decorum of the household activities. But today, we are going to introduce you to a lady who has broken all these boundaries and have been achieving great success in Martial Arts.

Amita Marwah, a triple martial art expert is a true example of a social influencer of modern India. Changing the perspective and outlook of slum dwelling into something inspirational and worthy is perhaps a task that is among the toughest, yet she achieved it. Born on December 25th 1977 in Jamnagar, Gujarat, Amita was never an ordinary girl. Her mother was one of the foremost beauticians in her village during the troubled era of the early 80’s. Amita grew up being influenced by her visionary mother and a very social and charity-minded father who was in the Navy.

Her growing years had shaped her into a very strong-willed and outspoken individual. With three black belts in Chi kwang do, Tang soo do and Taekwondo from King’s Academy and expert level knowledge in other forms of Martial arts like Kickboxing, Amita always believed that her knowledge should be used in helping others rather than being a money cruncher.

About Amita Marwah

The President of AMAT (Amita Marwah Activity Team) India, Amita Marwah is a remarkable story of a philanthropist who had the audacity to live by her courageous dream. She is a living statement of an honoured educationist, a farsighted idealist, a motivating spirit and an ardent philanthropist.

Profession: Sports Activist, Taekwondo Coach, Pranic Psychotherapist and Healer, Pranic Feng shui Expert, Art & Craft Teacher, Kathak and Latin American Dance Teacher.


  • 12 International Medals
  • 40 Medals in state, National and Open National
  • Taekwondo Hall of Fame India Awardee
  • Bharat Martial Arts Khel Ratna Awardee
  • International Coach
  • National Refree
  • Black Belt in three Martial Arts
    • Taekwondo
    • Tang Soo Do
    • Chi Kwang Do

The most celebrated Martial Arts Champion & an Educationist

As an educationist, she lives by an earnest belief that the most powerful tool to transform the society is education. By education she does not mean books rather she believes that education mostly occurs beyond the classrooms and saw a dream to change the lives of deprived society with the initiative, AMAT. The foremost charge of every visionary is to identify the true potential of an individual and that's what she did. It is the biggest stepping stone yet a right of every individual 'to be known by their talent'.

The fast growing society in Panchkula, AMAT has redefined the definition of education par excellence with the modern approach and her philosophy: 'Good will and will to do good'. She took the modern holistic concept of education to a whole new level and established AMAT. With all the available resources, blessings of the Almighty and GMCKS, she makes every possible effort to bring out the future leaders. The philosophy of AMAT, "Good will and will to do good" has always motivated her to live by the holistic modern education in its true sense by focusing on talents and life skills.

There are millions in the world with full of dreams and visions but lucky are those who get a chance to fulfill them. She followed the path of the Almighty and defined her own track. With a bunch of thorns a hand full of stones she walked barefoot on the roads of success. She won 12 International Medals and 40 Medals in State, National and Open National for Martial Arts. Proudly, the woman at her forties has been recognized with Taekwondo Hall of Fame India awardee and Bharat Martial Arts Khel Ratna Award. She is Black Belt in Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do and Chi Kwang Do and has also been a National Referee.


Being a great humanitarian is something that made Amita Marwah follow her dreams with great valour. Her intrinsic values to respect human has always driven her to contribute towards the deprived section. AMAT is a great initiative and a living example of Mrs. Marwah's dream that she has been consistently working for.

Our Vision

Presently, AMAT is working for 10 slum areas of Chandigarh. AMAT wishes to reach a higher population by imparting knowledge and offering opportunities to the various deprived section of the society. We dream to bring more Philanthropists to our team to ensure no deserving individual is left behind.

A dream of Love, Emotions and Care...

When you are in a situation not apt, you develop certain dreams and do everything to fulfill them and that's exactly what happened with me. I was not born financially strong but my parents always taught me the 'art of giving'. I have not learnt but inherited 'to give' from my parents. I always dreamt of alleviate the pain of the downtrodden in the society and this dream aroused from my soul. I strongly believe that the motive of my birth is not just to live for myself but for others.

My previous births and karma blessed me to be with the society and not just be in it. I believe that every human has the feeling to do something for such sections but I am thankful that the Almighty blessed me with all the necessary resources and other philanthropists to bring my dream to reality.
Carrying this dream in her soul, she started AMAT and met children who need someone to identify them and make them realize their true worth.

A Lady of Honour and Dignity

With pleasure and great support of her loving husband she raised two beautiful daughters with a lesson of self-dependence and courage to be what they want to be. Her elder daughter Himanshi Marwah is also a black belt and a proud Social Activist who prefers to spend most of her time at AMAT.

She has excelled in the various fields of Martial Arts like Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do and Chi Kwang Do. While being on her journey to help the weaker section, she has been known for being a Pranic Healer & Psychotherapist, Pranic Feng Shui Expert, Social Activist, Art & Crafts teacher, Kathak Dancer and Latin American Dancer.

Amita Marwah is a living example of a successful woman of innate human values. With her expertise in the variety of fields, she always try to help everyone in every possible way.

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