Free Classes For Slum Kids Helps Them Punch Their Way To Better Future!

The mother of two from Panchkula, Haryana, has been training slum children every day in Hallomajra.

The apple indeed doesn’t fall far from the tree, as both her daughters, Himanshi and Ishani are also trained in taekwondo. A total of 18 children trained by Chandigarh’s Amita, and as reported by the Hindustan Times, these kids have participated in international events and won medals.

There are around 450 students from different slums, being trained in the martial art, including around 50 girls.
Her classes in Haryana, called the ‘Amita Marwah Activity Team’, have come a long way, and today, are part of the registered society for underprivileged children. She told (The Logical Indian) that her husband and children have supported her a lot, and have been her backbone all these years.

Working: AMAT Team

We are teaching Martial Arts, Art and Craft and Dance, All free of cost to the down trodden section of the society, we also give counselling sessions, healing sessions and meditation sessions to all the needy ones.

We started giving summer camps in 2011 with 15 students but we started our regular classes in 2013 at Railla Pind, Sector-12 Panchkula, Haryana.

Presently we are working for various slum areas:
  • Govt. High School Hallo Majra, Chandigarh.
  • Inira Colony Anganwadi School, Manimajra, Chandigarh.
  • Anganwadi School, Railla Pind, Sector-12, Panchkula
  • Shiv Mandir Kharak Mangoli Pind, Panchkula.
  • Sarthak School, Sector 12A, Panchkula (Summer Camp Only).
  • Lions Club, Ramdarbar, Chandigarh (Summer Camp Only).
  • Residential Park, Sector 4, Panchkula.
  • Government School, Sector-4, Panchkula.
  • Solid Dance Academy, Hallo Majra, Chandigarh.

Panchkula: Woman Teaches Slum Kids Self-Defense With Free Taekwondo Classes

The evenings in the slums of Hallomajra, Panchkula in Haryana are way different than one would think. The streets that are supposed to be filled with children are almost empty in the evening. Why, you ask? Every evening as soon as the clock turns 5:30, most of the children run towards the Hallomajra Government school for their daily taekwondo classes. “It is not just a taekwondo class for them, but also their dream for a better future,” says their mentor-cum-teacher- Amita Marwah.

Amita sometime puts an advertisement in the newspaper or sometimes asks people in her circle. “A few sports players and other NGO’s have helped our children. Media has also got us help,

She says that it is not just a Taekwondo class now, we try counselling sessions for these kids. “On Sundays, there is art and craft class, which is conducted by my elder daughter and one more teacher. There are kathak classes as well for these kids,” Amita who is a Visharad student of kathak.

When I started Taekwondo classes, I got a lot of criticism from not just the society but also from many male Taekwondo teachers in the area. For them, It was difficult to digest the fact that there can be a female Taekwondo teacher as well,” she said. She says, initially parents of Hallomajra slum did not allow their daughters to attend classes. If some did send their girls to class, then they would not allow Amita to take the girls out for the tournaments.

My husband and my kids have supported me a lot, they have been my backbone all these years. My family always use to donate 10% of the income to some trust now that 10% is being donated to my society, because of which I can help more children.

We Work with Passion

AMAT focuses on amplifying the potential of every child that would drive a change for future. We leave no stone unturned when we talk about a child's learning process. We believe in empowering the grassroots of the child. Benefitting more than 100 of students every year, we wish to endow every individual at AMAT to make them capable of earning their bread and butter. Teaching them the lesson of self-independence, we wish to help them evolve as a great citizen in the society.


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