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AMAT is a society based out of Panchkula that works towards serving the deprived section with various learning programs. With loads of love, care and a belief that learning goes beyond classrooms, Amita Marwah began this society, Amita Marwah Activity Team. Where Mr P Chand Marwah is the backbone of AMAT handles all the finances and has a heart of gold. He is known for the soul he puts into his work, a social worker from the heart and an encouraging spirit. Himanshi Marwah and Ishani Marwah assist all the classes with their mother, at such a young age they work dedicatedly towards the upliftment of the underprivileged.

There is a team of Self Defence Expert, a Taekwondo Coach, a Fine Arts teacher, a Yoga Teacher and a Kathak Dance Teacher who looks after the children and make sure that none is left behind in the class learning. Through these extracurricular activities, we develop skills in the underprivileged children associated with us, so that they can become independent and earn their own bread. At AMAT, there is room for everyone to learn and grow with pride.

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We at AMAT are social workers.

There is a team of Taekwondo coach, Arts & Crafts teacher and a Dancing Coach who looks after the children and make sure that none is left behind in the class of learning. At AMAT, there is room for everyone to learn and grow with proud.


We at AMAT feel that a girl child who can protect herself from situations can also help others to fight through. We conduct various seminars and workshops all free of cost, where we prepare them physically and mentally through self defence and combat techniques, one to one sessions and counseling, so that the child can be confident about her abilities to protect from any unforeseen dangers. In turn, individual girl children can claim themselves as the “superwoman”.

Our president Mrs. Amita Marwah is a 3rd Degree Black belt and a Taekwondo Hall of Fame India Awardee. She has won 13 International Medals and over 40+ Medals in State, National and Open National Tournaments.
Ms.Himanshi Marwah and Ms.Ishani Marwah are both 2nd Degree and 1st Degree black belts, respectively and are international medalists.
We do not only teach Taekwondo as a Martial Arts but through it, we develop skills in them which helps them to become a player as well as teacher.
Apart from this, in taekwondo we provide with state, national and international sponsorships to the underprivileged and the deserving players of India.

Our President, is a Visharadh in Kathak Dance with her Ms Ishani marwah has successfully completed her Bhushan in Kathak as well.
We are affliliated from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. With kathak as dance form, we are preparing the students as the upcoming teachers of this classical form of art. Our team belives in promoting the Indian Dance and Culture to the youth by giving free of cost classes to everyone, especially to the underprivileged. We prepare them for a year with free training so that they take the pracheen kala kendra exams and level up their knowledge. The students who are unable to pay the fees, we sponsor them too.

We are affiliated from Pracheen Kala Kendra in Fine arts too, our President has been inclined towards it since she was a mere child, where she would draw gods and goddesses and has been a fine arts students in her college era. Ms. Himanshi Marwah has completed her diploma in fine arts.
We provide fine arts classes especially to the slum children, we focus on both practical and theory sessions so that when a child grows he/she is able to be a better teacher.
We prepare them for the exams of Pracheen Kala Kendra and the ones who cannot afford the fees, we sponsor them too.

Our President has been doing Yoga since her school times. She has been associated with many renowned teachers of yoga in India. In yoga, she has completed her Yoga Instructor Course, Yoga Teacher Course and Senior Yoga teacher Course with distinction.
She conducts many free of cost seminars, workshops and classes to the underprivileged.
Apart from this, she also conducts super brain yoga, meditation and counseling sessions.

AMAT has been doing this project every year since 2011. We collect used clothes, blankets, utensils, toys, shoes, socks, Martial arts equipment, school uniforms, bed sheets, shawls, woolens, mattresses and other things of no use to you, might have a use in the poverty stricken houses.
We do it in the summers too but it is usually done in winters when it is needed the most.

AMAT – The Healing Touch

AMAT came into existence to discover humanity among all. We connect from soul to soul. Our motive is to make our society realize that we all are different and we all need love we must rise above all the differences and share the love with pride amongst each other.

At AMAT, we set aside our individual differences and reunite for a cause. We do not just work together but celebrate the oneness of humanity. All members of the Amita Marwah Activity Teamwork religiously towards integrating the downtrodden with the rest and making them stand together.

With basic and advanced Taekwondo training, Arts & Crafts teaching and dancing classes, AMAT help these children to contribute their learning in being efficient members of society.

AMAT Core Members
Dedicated Team

As a team, all the members believe in the act of giving and that is the biggest reason we all are together working towards one goal.

We Work with Passion

AMAT focuses on amplifying the potential of every child that would drive a change for the future. We leave no stone unturned when we talk about a child’s learning process. We believe in empowering the grassroots of the child. Benefitting a lot of students every year, we wish to endow every individual at AMAT to make them capable of earning their bread and butter. By teaching them the lesson of self-independence, we wish to help them evolve as a great citizen in society.